Frequently Asked Questions

We have two options

1. CHEFS SELECTIONS- this is a variety of dishes that changes weekly. This concept helps to keep meal prep from being redundant and explore new flavors. Modifications can be made to this option such as, no fish, no beef, no cheese, or gluten free.

2. CUSTOM OPTION- this is more like your traditional meal prep experience. You will have the option to select your proteins/carbs and they will be served with a variety of vegetables.
For example: 10 meals-6 oz
2 beef fajita/ sweet potato 1 beef fajita/ brown rice
2 turkey/ jasmine rice 2 salmon/ jasmine rice
1 redfish/quinoa 1 chicken/ sweet potato
1 chicken/ quinoa

There are also options to choose from for your size of protein/carbs/vegetables.

We currently offer a weekly delivery subscription that can be paused or cancelled at any time.

All of our meals are fully cooked and created for convenient and easy microwave heating. Meals will vary on cooking times based on the plate content and quantity. We recommend 2-2.5 minutes in the microwave, and for frozen meals 3-4 minutes.

Other cooking options:

Stove top: Remove contents from container, place in skillet, and cover. Stir if needed until food reaches your desired temperature.

Oven: Set temperature for 375. Remove contents from container, place on pan, put into oven until food reaches desired temperature.

Locally delivered meals will last 5 days following arrival. They can be frozen as well.

Shipped meals should be consumed within 5 days following arrival. They can be frozen upon arrival as well and will last up to 6 months frozen.

We take allergies and your well being very seriously. If you have any questions please email us directly at or reach out via phone at (210) 952-4748

We deliver locally to San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunsfels, Cibolo & Schertz. We ship via Fed Ex throughout Texas.

Yes, we have a minimum purchase of 7 meals.

When your meals are delivered, you do not have to be home. They are always delivered in an insulated bag to your doorstep or office. Once they have been delivered, you will receive a message letting you know they have arrived. If you aren’t there, they are absolutely fine in the bag while you make your way home.

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