How it works

Let us prepare delicious meals for you!

Our kitchen team preps every weekend for Sunday or Monday delivery.

Delivery is made between 5-9pm on Sundays and Mondays.

Sunday and Monday are our only delivery days.

For chef selection you would select quantity and size for meals and specify delivery day.

Our Workings

How we prepare, package and ship

How we cook

Meals are prepared in a private commercial kitchen

Meals are prepared by our team of culinary professionals in a commercial kitchen which is licensed & regularly inspected.

How we package

Meals are weighed and measured for portion control & consistency

Proteins and carbs for each dish are measured and weighed out then packed in recyclable meal prep containers by our team on Sunday.

How we deliver

We have an exclusive team of trusted delivery professionals.

Your meals delivered Sunday 4-8pm or Monday 10-1 by our team of trusted delivery drivers. We deliver to your home or office and you will receive a message as soon as your meals arrive.

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