Chef Selections

  • Let us pick for you! We know meal prep can be boring and with Chef’s Selections that’s never the case ! This option is for you if you want keep meal prep fun and don’t want to eat the same menu items week after week.

    With this option you receive a variety of dishes based off of our menu selections but also include additional dishes that are rotated in and change weekly.


    • 10 $
    • 11 $
    • 12 $

    Prices shown are per meal with a 7 meal minimum order


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Meal prep made EASY !

We know meal prep/eating healthy can get boring and repetitive! This is why we created chef’s selections to break through the traditional meal prep experience and separate our concept from other meal prep experiences!

The key to a healthy relationship with food is BALANCE and with chef’s selections, we have a creative innovative experience for you ! We want it to be as easy as possible for you to stay on track and take out the guess work for you!

With this option we will send you a different variety of meals weekly that we Choose for you!
We do not have a menu for chefs selections, our concept was built on the surprise aspect of chefs selections being a new fun mix that changes weekly. Our chef’s selections option will include meals such as chicken, beef & turkey taco bowls, enchiladas, turkey meatloaf, a variety of pasta dishes, Turkey chili, tacos and more! With chef’s selections you will receive 3 or 4 more fun, flexible meals along with some traditional meal prep style of meals such as chicken sweet potatoes and green beans for example!

There is a 7 meal minimum. Feel free to mix and match between Chef Selections, Custom and Breakfast!


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